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آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین

Legendary Realm 3.3.5
آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین آنلاین ریلم 3.3.5 کاسپین

Set RealmList:

  • Caspiangc server rules
    Since the caspiangc server is a public server, the following rules are required.
    Rules of the game
    The following rules are an annex to the general rules of the game. You need to be familiar with public law to know what is permitted and what is considered to be unlawful, especially in cases where you have been detained in violation.

    Collaborating with or supporting others in violation of the rules, inciting or encouraging players to violate the rules is not permitted and will result in penalties. All of these rules have been removed for all accounts, and the accounts that are being deleted also apply without exception.

    1. Registration
    The email used to sign up must be a personal email and the registrant must have full access to and control of this email. Shared emails are not allowed for expired emails.
    The holder of the registration email is considered an account holder without any conditions and any written or verbal agreement with others (players, etc.) is invalid.
    صاحب اکانت مسئولAll that is happening with the account.

    2. Account password
    The account owner cannot give his password to a player on the same server. In addition, knowingly choosing the same password is unlike others. Each of these acts is a multilateral account and will be subject to the multilateral penalty set forth in these rules.

    Game Master disclaims any responsibility for any damage to the account by the person who holds the account password and will be treated in accordance with the laws in the event of any breach by the person holding the account password.

    3.Arena or Honor collusion
    If you see any collisions in the Arena or Honor, all Arena and Honor (Battlegrounds and Team Arena) items will be deleted, and all Arena Point and Honor Point and the number of kills will be 0.
    Note that offline users are not allowed to protest and will be banned for 2 days if the protests are repeated.

    4. Buying and selling
    Any trading activity on the server is prohibited and the user will be affected.

    5. Ticket and Support
    You need to pay attention to the following:
    The content inside the ticket itself should represent the subject matter.
    Avoid tweets like (help help, hello, come here) and the like.
    Avoid sending spam tickets regularly.
    Courtesy is required when sending tickets.
    Submit tickets like Quist bugs and more.

    6. Use External Programs (Hack)
    Use of any application or script is in violation of the rules of the game and will be treated as infringing.

    7. Bug in game
    Game bugs should not be used for personal gain. Failure to do so can result in a fine for the account. Be sure to report the bugs you see in the game to the game master in order to resolve them.

    8. Behavior and observance of social rights
    Everyone should treat one another with a polite word. The game master can change names that are not polite or that offend a particular person or religion without notice.

    The following acts are in violation and may result in penalties, including all parts of the game:
    Farsi and English are the only acceptable languages.
    Participate in any matter that is offensive, abusive, racist, or offensive, as well as offending or mocking a particular gender (male, female). Also any discussion that is considered offensive to a particular religion, race, nationality, gender, or age group is a threat to someone in real life.
    Post text or anything that is inaccurate for the lower age group. Also any discussion that is considered offensive to a particular religion, race, nationality, gender, or age group is a threat to someone in real life.
    Threatening players in a way that violates the game or general rules.
    Use the names of real politicians in choosing a name
    Impersonate any officials
    Impersonate admin, game masters, support, and any official in the game.
    Any advertisement on the server without the permission of the admin.
    Addressing marginal issues and gossip.
    Using colored letters and dealing with Hiro on the server.
    Any collusion and abuse of the game.

    9. Crimes
    If there is a breach of the above rules, the Master will arrest the account or accounts if necessary and decide on the amount of the fine. The penalty will always be far greater than the profits from the abuse.
    No player has the right to ask for money or expenses for his or her game during detention.
    There is no difference between players who spend in the game and regular players, whether during the offense or when penalizing.
    The player can be in touch with the game master who has arrested them or the game administrator either in-game or via message on the site. Penalties or detentions should not be discussed in public places (eg forum, all in-game chat, etc.).
    Letters written for Game Master and Administrator should be of appropriate subject matter and written in Farsi, with the Master Master or Administrator or support may refuse to read and respond to letters that do not meet the above requirements.
    In addition, Game Master will not disclose any information to anyone other than the account holder (regarding the reason for his arrest, penalties, etc.)

    10. Change the rules
    The right to change the rules is possible at any time, so the player must re-read the rules once in a while.

    11. Correct the rules
    If a law is repealed or amended, it will have no effect on other laws, and other laws will remain in force. The administrator is obliged by its site to apply it promptly when changing / deleting / adding a law.
    If the rules change, regardless of when the player has violated or been arrested (even if it is before the rules are changed), the penalties will be imposed on the new rules.

    Wishing you good times

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